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SASCO Senior Citizen’s Home: A charity partners a social enterprise

The Social Iron and SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home have entered into a collaboration for the use of a SASCO venue to conduct training for The Social Iron. SASCO will also refer their beneficiaries to join The Social Iron providing them with flexible income opportunities.

“This marks our first ever collaboration with an external party. One which benefits both parties immensely.” said Darren Wong, Managing Director of The Social Iron.

Investing in training : Our commitment to quality

Anyone can iron… Not everyone can become a great ironer, but a great ironer can come from anywhere.
quote modified – Chef Gusteau from RATATOUILLE (2007)

Our experience from running the business for the past year has told us the ironing is not as simple as it seems. Different fabrics and cuttings have made ironing quite the complicated affair. The volumes of knowledge and experience gained by us and our ironers needed a way to be passed on.

“Before we can fulfil our social mission, we had to first get the basics right and deliver good quality ironing to our customers with no damage or loss of clothing. The packing and tagging procedure needs to be included in the training. Having a location to gather our beneficiaries to conduct training and to get our beneficiaries to share their experiences really helps.”, Darren added.

An added benefit is that the centre also helps the beneficiaries socialise and remain engaged with their beneficiary neighbours. After conducting a few trainings we were happy to see our beneficiaries bond quickly over their ironing war stories.

A safe place

“We had many potential hires who were worried about the expectations for the ironed clothes and decided to back out from the interview at the last minute. Having a public facing venue really helped alleviate their concerns by giving them the opportunity to come and look see before signing up.” said Darren.

Interested parties and their respective caregivers,concerned children worried about their elder parents can come and visit the training centre to clarify any of their doubts.

About SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home

SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home is a registered charity since 1981. The launch of the Give n Take Campaign focuses our thrust on the following:

1. Affirming self-worth of seniors

2. Promote senior volunteerism

3. Support multi-generation bonding

4. Encourage Life-Long Learning

“When we conceptualise our Centres, it has been our wish to provide Ironing Services for the community, supported by senior volunteers and beneficiaries. We are very glad to partner The Social Iron to make this a reality for the common good. This partnership will enable us to support the 4 thrusts we envision to continue keeping seniors relevant to the community we live in.”

Finally… a home

“We were looking for a way to improve our hiring and training for some time and are grateful for SASCO for coming forward and offering us their premises. This would really help to us to scale our business up to the other areas” said Darren.

If you would like to know more about our collaboration. Please feel free to email us at