1. How do I make a booking for the ironing service?
You have to signup for an account here. Afterwhich, fill in your address details and you should see the collections for your area. You can click on “Buy” to purchase your plan.

2. Will I be able to change the collection or return date.
Our delivery schedules are fixed for each estate  You may choose to reschedule if you are unavailable.

3. How do I reschedule?
Login to your account. You should see the collections you have booked. Click on the “Reschedule” button and select the new date.

4. How do I renew my plan?
Once you have 2 collections remaining, the option to renew your plan will be made available. Once payment has been made, you should see the changes on your account status.

5. How do I make payment?
You can pay online through your account. Our payments are powered by Stripe.

6. Can I vary the number of pieces given at each collection?
You can vary the number within 50% of your weekly allotment. Any exceptions will be on a case by case basis.

7. What happens when I miss a collection?
The number of pieces remaining will still be the same however with one less collection. For example if you have a plan
for 40 pc in 4 collections, if you missed a collection you can now use 40 pc in the next 3 collections.

8. What happens if i miss the return delivery?
In the event you are not around during the return delivery, we will reschedule to return the clothes on the following delivery date (Sunday night or Tuesday night) at no charge. However, if you require the clothes back urgently, an additional charge of $5 will be levied for an extra night delivery.

9. I am going on a holiday, can I pause the service?
Our plans have a validity of 10 weeks. Just login to your account and reschedule the collections to another date. You may also consider renewing your plan to extend the validity period.

10. Do I need to count the pieces with the delivery man?
There is no requirement to physically count the pieces. Just inform the delivery man on the number of pieces given and he or she will issue you a receipt.

11. What do I need to prepare for the collection?
You can pack the clothes and hangers in the bag for our delivery man. The bag will be returned together with the ironed clothes. Alternatively, you may use one of our bags provided by our delivery man.

12. Can I have a fortnightly collection?
After payment is made, the next 4 collections will automatically be booked. Click on the “Reschedule” button and choose your preferred dates within the next 10 weeks.

13. Can I request for the clothes to be folded?
Folding of clothes is currently not supported. The clothes will be return hanged and covered with the plastic covers.

14. Can I specify the delivery time?
You can specify instructions to the delivery driver via your account. On each collection there will be a popup to key in the instructions for the collection and the return. Please remember to key in the instructions before the collection closes.

15. Is my delivery on the way?
You can view the delivery progress from your account at the bottom of each collection.

16. What happens if the delivery date falls on a Public Holiday?
The delivery will be rescheduled to the next working day. These changes will be reflected on the schedule in the login area.

Have more questions?
Contact us at or 9363-0046