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Does Outsourcing Your Ironing Have To Be Expensive?

We all know that ironing is tedious. It is a seemingly unrewarding task that requires a lot of time, space and a specific set of skills – not to mention the equipment. Sure it can be relaxing if you have all of those, but what if YOU don’t?

The first thing you might do is outsource the job to an ironing service. You accept their conditions because you have no choice. Some services have a minimum amount of clothes that you have to gather before they can collect. Not all services collect and deliver right from your doorstep, so you have to collect from the shop. But worst of all, most services are prohibitively expensive.

average cost ironing in singapore

Did you know that the average cost to iron one item of clothing in Singapore is around $3?

It is a well-known secret that ironing is one of the most expensive services in the laundry business. The reasons for this are the same reasons why you decided to outsource in the first place: time consuming because it requires precision, specialised because it requires skill, high third party costs because it requires a lot of electricity, and of course it is extremely labour intensive.

But you don’t have to settle for the expensive option!

Here at The Social Iron, we’ve cracked the system with our innovative subscription model, which giving you flexibility, control and affordable prices that are absolutely unbeatable.

Now you must be thinking: “How did they do it??” Let us tell you the ways:

1. Because we’re a subscription service!

ironing subscribtion service

All 5 clothing categories (shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and blouses) under ONE standard pricing! We don’t discriminate – all items are priced at exactly the same tier. During collection, just let our friendly delivery man know the number of pieces you’re giving us and we’ll take note.

2. We have no third party costs!

Our highly trained ironing professionals work from the comfort of their own homes, which means that we don’t have to rent a facility. This keeps our costs are lower than other standard services on the market! Sounds like a dream, right?

3. You only pay for what you need.

Ever been in that situation where you spend more than what you need just so that you can hit the weekly minimum order? We have none of that! With our flexible packages YOU get to decide whether you want to give less one week or give more the next. You’re in total control of how you spend.

4. We help you avoid re-delivery costs!

no re delivery costs

We schedule collections and deliveries in the evenings, when most of you are at home after work. This way you can avoid facing those nasty re-delivery costs! Not only that, but our delivery times are shorter than our competitors because all our ironers live within your area. For neighbours, by neighbours!

5. Less waste = more savings!

less waste more savings

We’re keeping it green and low cost by re-using hangers, and encourage you to return the plastic covers and clips for reuse as well.

We’ve taken a lot of steps to ensure that you save as much as possible with our services. But that’s not the end of it! We are always thinking up ways to bring the cost down even lower so that YOU can further enjoy The Social Iron’s services. Keep checking back to for promotions, discounts and deals!